A Smart Alternative to One-Time Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceTraveling is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, along with all of the positive things that come with travel, there also comes plenty of uncertainty. Medical emergencies, trip cancellation due to inclement weather, unforeseen political turmoil, and other events can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

The standard Travel Insurance products now available typically provide coverage for one single trip. The cost of this “one-time” policy is usually around 10% of the total trip cost.

The alternative to this option is an annual policy called “Passport 360”, available through Chubb Insurance. Passport 360 covers all of your trips during the year and you pay only one annual premium (ranging from $350-$700, depending on coverage levels).

Passport 360 is a comprehensive package with no prior trip arrangements required. It allows you to travel freely without worry of coverage during any travel crisis. If an injury, illness, or another unfortunate situation interferes with your trip, Passport 360 is the one plan to handle it.

You can travel confidently no matter where you are or what you need when you have a plan in place. Passport 360 provides insurance protection to surround you with solutions for travel’s many “what ifs.”

Passport 360 was previously only offered to Chubb policyholders as a unique benefit. This year they have made it available for purchase to all MetzWood customers.

Please contact a MetzWood advisor at (518) 392-5161 to learn more and take advantage of this great policy.