New Coverage Options:
Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage

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Insurance Companies are finding new innovative coverages to reduce the likelihood that you suffer a financial hardship in the event of an unfortunate occurrence.

Two of these new coverages that may be available on your Home Insurance are Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage.

Equipment Breakdown

This coverage provides protection for your home systems and equipment should they fail. Most homeowners would think that their warranties or service contracts would cover a loss like this, but chances are it’s not covered.

Systems and equipment that would be covered include your furnace, boiler, air conditioning, home theater systems, kitchen appliances, and others.

Service Line Coverage

Typical Home Insurance policies do not provide coverage for repairing or replacing damaged underground piping and wiring.

Some examples include water service, sewer, or electrical power lines. This can be a common and costly exclusion, and many companies now offer a coverage extension.

Both of these coverages are quite inexpensive – costing less than $50 in most cases. Many customers have already added these enhancements to their insurance plan.

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