How to Create a Home Inventory


When disaster strikes, it can be difficult to remember all your possessions. That’s why having an up-to-date home inventory will be a lifesaver when it comes to filing an insurance claim and verifying any losses that may have occurred. Whether you’ve just moved in or lived in your home for years, creating a home inventory doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you think. There are easy ways to get started, and we’re here to help.

Why you need an inventory of your home

Maybe you recently splurged on a large-screen TV, 14k gold necklace, or a new gaming system. Do you know how you’d replace those belongings if your house burned down or you got robbed? This is where your insurance policy can help. Having a home inventory will speed up your insurance claim and maximize your claim payment since you have all your belongings accounted for.

What should be included in a home inventory

As you start to put together your home inventory, keep in mind what information will be helpful when filing a claim. You should aim to include:

  • A description of the item with the make and model

  • An estimated item value

  • The purchase date 

  • Any receipts

  • The serial number

While you likely won’t have all of this available, it’s recommended to include as much information as you can. For example, when listing the clothing you have, you can provide a count of what you own with a note on more valuable clothing items like a suit or dress.

Take a video inventory

Record a video of each room in your home. Make sure to capture as much as you can, including items in your closet, drawers, cabinets, and more. While recording, you can also describe the contents, so you don’t miss anything when reviewing later on. And most importantly, save the video(s) on a cloud service so they don’t get lost on a phone or computer that could potentially be destroyed or stolen.

Have a written inventory

It’s also a good idea to start a written list with more specific details like the item value and serial number. You can use your video as a reference and focus on one room at a time. Ideally, this list would be typed out and saved in the same cloud service as your inventory video. As you make purchases, you can go back and add to your already created inventory.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Your inventory will be much easier to maintain after you’ve already started. And think about all the future headaches you’ll save by already having this done! While life always has unexpected turns, we are here to help you prepare. Get peace of mind and contact one of our advisors today at 518-392-5161.

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