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“This is to tell you what amazing service I received Saturday morning dealing with the headache of a fender bender. Thank you!” – Doug

MetzWood is the smart choice for Auto Insurance. We make it easy to get a policy that protects your car, your passengers, and your assets. With our competitive selection of companies, you don’t have to overpay for the proper coverage.

Our licensed MetzWood Agents, know the small, yet important Auto Insurance coverages that you need on your policy. We advise you on your coverages ahead of time, so that you don’t find out what you’re missing when you have a claim.

About Auto Insurance Liability Coverage

One of the coverages we often see people lacking adequate protection for is also one the most important – Liability coverage. Liability coverage is required in New York State in order to register your vehicle. However, in many cases, the minimum required coverage may not be enough as lawsuits are becoming more frequent and expensive every year. If you are held liable for bodily injury or property damage as the result of an accident and your policy does not have adequate coverage, you could be left paying out of pocket. Increasing your Liability coverage is an inexpensive way to protect your assets. For additional protection, we recommend an Umbrella Insurance policy.

Our team will work to find you all the discounts that you are eligible for, so that you get the best price possible for the protection you and your family need. Additionally, we represent companies that have great features like Diminishing Deductible, Accident Forgiveness, and Trip Interruption Coverage.

Call MetzWood today (or fill out our online quote form) to receive a review of your current policy or to get a brand new quote. Our knowledgeable agents are happy to help find you the right policy.

Good information to have available when you call:

  • Current insurance policy information
  • Personal information for all licensed household members
  • Name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth